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In-Home Consultation

Free consolations are available for who are interested in discussing what services Jim Smolen Design would be suitable for their potential project(s).

Paid consultations are available for those that are looking for advice, ideas or feasibility of potential projects.

Product and Material Selection

Assist clients with product and material selections to give the space a face lift or upgrade existing products and materials. This can include accompanied trips to venders and show rooms.

Design and Space Planning

Discuss with the client their wants and needs for a space and assist in the reconfiguration of kitchens, bathrooms, master suites, and entire floor plans.  This can include cabinetry layouts, plumbing and electrical fixture additions and relocations, appliance additions and relocations, moving or demolition of walls and/or openings. Any structural modifications will need to be reviewed by a licensed structural engineer.

Drawings and Construction Documents

As-Builts – Measuring of the existing conditions and creation of accurate floor plans and elevations in order to calculate quantities of materials.


3D modeling – Jim Smolen Design uses a variety of software to model spaces and structures in 3D. Clients can visualize what the design will look like upon completion. This service is recommended for additions, exterior modifications, and decks.


Construction Documents – Jim Smolen Design will create a set of construction documents suitable to obtaining a building permit. Any structural drawings will need to be reviewed by a licensed structural engineer.


Miscellaneous - whatever drawings a client or contractor would need to accomplish their task or trade. This can include tile patterns, cabinetry drawings, and lighting and electrical plans.

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